Web Site Development & Search Engine Optimization

The first key element to effective SEO is a well-designed web site, created with:

  • Intuitive and friction-free navigation for both computers and mobile devices,
  • Concise copy that presents the Unique Value Proposition high up on the home page,
  • Google Analytics to track and analyze traffic to the site,
  • PageSpeed that allows opening of landing pages in 1- 2 seconds,
  • Safety and SSL Security, providing a safe experience for users,
  • xml and robots.txt configured to support Google’s algorithm, and
  • Headings, sub-headings, and tags that lend themselves to search.

Search Engine Optimization is a function of 3 elements:

  • Quality Content on your web site,
  • Backlinks to web sites & blogs considered to have “high authority” in your field, and
  • An understanding of, along with ongoing adaptation to align with Webmaster Guidelines associated with Google’s algorithm.

Driving consumer or B2B traffic to your site is both an art and a craft.


Once we’ve reviewed web site content and objectives, we can modify the most important messaging of a website with respect to SEO tech-responses and copy, driving engagement.


POC Media builds links with High Domain Authority (HDA). These can be existing web sites and relevant blogs, as well as links generated via access to massive talent pools, providing cost-effective landing pages for linkage.


Since more than 40% of all clicks on commercial queries are directed toward sites with paid advertisements; and since clicks on paid ads are 50% more likely to buy; access to and budgeting for some Google Ads can dramatically increase your sources of traffic. The combination of site optimization through targeted messaging, supported by backlinks to sources with High Domain Authority, along with a well-thought-out Google promotional buy, generally results in a predictable & measurable ROI, a highly targeted reach, and immediate results as these ads appear within hours of placement.


POC Media provides complete keyword searches, including cross-referencing of what competitors are doing. Intentional ad copy drives traffic and works within Google’s algorithm. Ongoing bid optimization manages costs, and measurably increases performance. And analytics monitor results, and proactively adjust outreach as well as increased brand awareness where it matters most.


POC Media is your most dependable ally in the de-mystification and execution of effective search engine optimization.