AdWords Account Auditing

Successful digital marketers deliver on:

  • Creation of solid ad copy,
  • Selection of appropriate and powerful AdWords,
  • Monitoring of campaigns and the adjustment of budgets to maximize:
    • impression share,
    • geo-targeting (when applicable), and
    • direct clicks to relevant landing pages for high conversion,
  • Adjusting of campaigns on the fly to optimize results.

AdWords work best when monitored and managed concisely. Bid penalties arise from low quality scores, resulting from poor choices of keywords. Premiums as high as 40% can be prevented by identifying and eliminating keywords that do not support one’s marketing efforts. This identification allows the digital marketing team to redirect a substantial portion of the budget toward more effective keywords.


Account auditing provides the feedback mechanism necessary to make adjustments in copy, budget allocation, and online traffic management.


POC Media provides the information and campaign direction necessary to support the discovery of opportunities that can maximize results and create daily momentum toward desired marketing goals.