Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing consists of paid marketing that leverages the search engines of YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Second only to Google as a search engine, YouTube provides the impact of powerful keywords, supported by an association with videos targeting your consumer base. Effective use of informational videos, which can be edited into re-purposed content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, provides a unique, effective, and entertaining social media marketing platform.


LinkedIn is the leading professional social media network, with almost 600 million members. With a CPM between $6-$7 per thousand impressions and a CPC near $5.25, LinkedIn is a leading recruitment vehicle for B2B companies. Advertising on LinkedIn is unique in that its filters provide a level of targeting that sets a new standard for social media. The targeting process, combined with Chrome plugins designed to support contact search applications, make LinkedIn a very effective social media platform for prospecting; specifically on campaigns managed by experienced digital marketers.


Facebook, with more than 1.4 billion daily users, provides the widest membership base for social media. Average CPMs approach $7.20 with the potential for massive reach.


Instagram offers a more restricted reach with 500 million users. The advantage to Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), is the power of Instagram’s engagement rate. The improved engagement comes at a premium with CPMs approaching $8.00.


For either Facebook or Instagram, the decision on which metric to prioritize; CPM, CPC, CPL, or CPA, depends on the goals associated with the marketing plan. CPM tends to support awareness initiatives, while CPC, CPL, and CPA targets tend to pinpoint prospects while limiting reach.


Similarly, Twitter provides well-targeted reach capabilities to a user base that is approximately half that of Instagram at a CPM approximately 20% below that of Instagram, and 10% below Facebook’s CPM.


POC Media provides effective social media strategy, engaging multimedia content, and the expertise to maximize the impact of your digital marketing efforts.