Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing refers to campaigns where one bids on keywords that put a brand in front of the target audience, with the search engine being paid on a “per click” basis (PPC).


At POC Media, we gear outreach efforts, and design web pages to maximize the click through rate. Our priority is to optimize the impression-to-conversion (ITC) rate. The key to successful ITC performance is the creation of powerful content, combined with the use of pixel technology to target and re-target ads.


POC Media leverages experience and technology; effective use of keywords and long-tail exact match keywords, the connection of Google Ad accounts with Google Analytics, and Search Engine Optimization of the destination web site to generate high conversion rates (HCR).


Strong follow-through combines with these high conversion rates to secure long-term relationships.


Ultimately, successful Paid Search Marketing is a function of:

  • A clear unique value proposition,
  • Careful selection of keywords,
  • Monitoring and budgeting campaigns to maximize impression share,
  • Relentless targeting and re-targeting of the right audience, and
  • Effective SEO.

Creative style and B2B vs. B2C approaches vary based on industries and specific marketing goals, but the fundamentals remain consistent. Let POC Media bring passion, creativity, and a technological edge to your Paid Search Marketing efforts.